Neil Jablon

Hertz Fellow: Neil Jablon

Stanford University

Area of Study

Electrical Engineering

Fellowship Years

1981 - 1985

Neil has held leadership roles in telecommunications with top global companies since 1986. He is fluent in Chinese (Mandarin dialect), and for the last decade has concentrated on expanding Qualcomm’s business in China and other world regions.

Neil is senior director, product management at Qualcomm Technologies, Inc., in San Diego, within Qualcomm’s semiconductor division, where he leads product management for Qualcomm’s Snapdragon™ (mobile processor) third-party hardware component ecosystem and Snapdragon™ product development platforms. Neil and his team work closely with third-party hardware component vendors in China, Taiwan, Korea, Japan, North America, and Europe. Since establishment in 2011, this (mostly China-based) hardware ecosystem team verified over a thousand third-party hardware components for inclusion in a preferred vendor list targeted to Android smartphone OEMs in China and other world regions.

From 2010-2011, after first joining product management, Neil initiated and led the divisional foundation work in hardware component ecosystem strategy that suggested a new approach to building a hardware ecosystem, and was the basis for the aforementioned work. Previously at the same Qualcomm division, Neil led the sales forecast team, which every month forecasted the 12-month demand for over 600 million wireless semiconductor devices per year. Right after joining Qualcomm in 2006, he was the global financial modeling lead for the Qualcomm MediaFLO Technologies Division (“multichannel pay TV on a cellular handset”), completing 35 MediaFLO Service Operator business cases covering 17 countries within all major world regions.

Neil was executive consultant at IBM Global Services (Communications Sector), Beijing from 2003-2006. He had telecom and airline business development roles across Greater China, Japan, and Southeast Asia, focusing on industry analysis, strategy, finance, and marketing, and delivering several large telecom strategic outsourcing proposals. He was director, regional strategy, Vodafone Group, Tokyo for two years. The key deliverable was a new corporate and business strategy framework for the J-Phone Group (now Softbank Mobile). Neil was at AirTouch Communications, Walnut Creek, California, for six years, where he co-founded the Mobile Satellite Services Group (“Globalstar” project with Space Systems/Loral and Qualcomm), starting up five technical functional areas from scratch. Neil began his career at AT&T Bell Laboratories, working for eight years on consumer and small business telephony product development.

Neil received his PhD in electrical engineering from Stanford University, and subsequently received his MBA in General Management from the UCLA Anderson School. Neil was a Hertz Fellow at Stanford University from 1981-1985, where he also studied Chinese. Later on, Neil studied Japanese part-time, achieving intermediate-to-advanced proficiency. Neil is an IEEE Senior Member, with numerous published papers. His outside interests are contemporary Chinese, Japanese, and Korean affairs, economics and finance, travel in Asia, running, and hot yoga.


1985 - Adaptive Beamforming with Imperfect Arrays