Peter Strauss Award

The Peter Strauss Award was established by Harold Newman, Hertz Foundation Director and financial advisor, and a long time associate of Peter Strauss, who was a Hertz Foundation Director and a financial advisor to the Foundation for many decades. The prize includes a $5,000 award. The nominated individual must meet one or more of the following criteria:

  • Either in-school Fellow or recently graduated (< 5 years)
  • Awarded major patents
  • Established significant licensing agreements
  • Engineered a new start-up company
  • Won major national recognition for his/her inventions

Nominations for the Peter Strauss Award are accepted at the Hertz Foundation office by January 29 and should include a clear description of the entrepreneurial accomplishments of the nominee, along with three (3) testimonials by industrial or academic leaders who can attest to the importance of the nominee's work.

For more information on the award or how to nominate a Hertz Fellow, please contact Kathy Young

John Frank

John Stockton
Dr. John Stockton founded two companies after joining Stanford as a post doc in 2007. The first company, Entanglement Technologies, designs ultra-sensitive vapor detection using new and cutting edge technology with a variety of customers, including the Department of Defense. Entanglement Technologies received a Shell Corporation Game Changer Award in 2010. John's second company, Quantifind, is an algorithmic software-based analytical services company, serving consumer products manufacturers, scientific publishers, movie studios, and game makers. One partnership is with Elsevier to provide the first paid app for the exploration of Elsevier's massive scientific database. John serves as Chief Scientist, with twenty-one employees. John is a 2000 Hertz Fellow.

Christopher Loose
Dr. Christopher Loose founded Semprus BioSciences (formerly known as SteriCoat) in 2006 to develop medical and industrial products with surface modifications to reduce infection, clotting, and fouling. The company has 28 full time employees and has raised more than $28 million in funding. Dr. Loose is a 2003 Hertz Fellow.